Our Policies


Persu Suni Deri

As a company with the mission of "We exist to produce products that leave a mark with quality, innovative, competitive and excellent service understanding in every field where artificial leather is used";

  • In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, we have set ourselves the goal of ensuring continuity in product and service quality with a customer-oriented management approach.
    In this direction;
  • Supporting innovative and creative approaches, producing products that do not harm the environment, increasing the technical and behavioral competencies of our employees,
  • To carry out production in a way that ensures sustainability by fulfilling our social responsibilities together with our stakeholders,
  • To ensure continuous improvement by measuring the performance of our processes,
  • We are committed to following and ensuring the implementation of national/international legislation and other relevant conditions affecting our products and services.


Persu Suni Deri

PERSU FAUX LEATHER INDUSTRY AND TRADE. LTD. As ŞTİ, in the production of artificial leather;

We aim to carry out all stages of our production activities in a healthy and safe working environment. It is our institution's occupational health and safety policy to comply with occupational safety standards, local, national and international laws, regulations and regulations, to continuously improve our occupational health and safety management system, and to ensure that all measures regarding occupational safety are taken in our business.


Persu Suni Deri

PERSU FAUX LEATHER INDUSTRY AND TRADE. LTD. ŞTİ within the scope of artificial leather manufacturing;

Acting with the awareness that the protection and improvement of the environment we live in is an integral part of our business, the optimum use of natural resources by eliminating hazardous waste and other wastes, and the protection of air, water and soil quality by applying the management system in line with legal requirements and constantly improving the natural life. Maintaining balance is the environmental policy of our institution.

We will be honored to work with you.